Balloon Columns

At It’s My Party, we offer several different types of balloon columns. When ordering balloon columns, please mention if your column is going outdoors. Outdoor balloon columns require a base to give them support in the elements. When an outdoor column is made on a base, if one balloon pops……the balloon structure will still stand correctly. You will also need to ask for an outdoor column if you would like your balloons to last indoors for several weeks. Balloon bases are an additional $20.00.

Columns start at $5.00 per layer plus the balloon on top. Our indoor columns start at $25.00. Balloon Columns are a great choice for an entryway piece. Balloon columns are an affordable way to fill the space for your party. They also make great photo pieces. Contact our design team to place an order for your balloon column. If you would like a quote on a column not seen here, please send the image to